07 December:  A new global coalition, Ocean Action 2030, launched that is dedicated to providing countries with technical and financial assistance to develop and implement Sustainable Ocean Plans. Also launched was the new guide, 100% Sustainable Ocean Management: An Introduction to Sustainable Ocean Plans to support countries get started on, or accelerate, sustainable ocean planning. 

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Towards a Sustainable Ocean Economy

The ocean gives us life. It feeds us, entertains us, connects us, inspires us and powers our success.

Our well-being depends on a healthy ocean. It always has. It always will.

The pressures on the ocean are intense and growing – but we know recovery is possible. Crucially, a healthy ocean holds the solutions to many of the world’s challenges.

Putting sustainability at the heart of ocean management is essential for protection, production and prosperity that benefits people, nature and the economy.

Ocean Panel country members have put forward a new ocean action agenda underpinned by the aim to sustainably manage 100% of the ocean area under national jurisdiction.

Join the Ocean Panel in calling on more world leaders and other partners to do the same. The ocean gives us so much. Let’s give it 100%.

Three things you can do:

Urge leaders of governments, industries, civil society, the financial community and others to support #OceanAction100

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Transformations for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

The Ocean Panel developed a transformative set of recommendations and actions to advance a sustainable ocean economy, prioritizing a healthy ocean alongside sustainable production to benefit people everywhere.

Transformations for a Sustainable Ocean Economy graphic

A Vision of Protection, Production and Prosperity

In a sustainable ocean economy, effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity go hand in hand to create a triple win for people, nature and the economy.

The New Ocean Narrative

When we help the ocean, we help ourselves. This report illustrates how a sustainable ocean economy can create a healthy ocean that can help solve global challenges like climate change and food security.

Ocean Solutions that Benefit People, Nature and the Economy report cover