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A Sustainable Ocean Economy – the Report

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The final Report, to be completed in 2020, will highlight that the protection and sustainable use of the Ocean will generate higher value creation that will help meet some of humanity’s most urgent needs.

The Ocean will be presented as an agent for earth-system resilience and human well-being, and an emerging political arena for united global action.

Building on the latest research, analysis and debates from around the world, the solutions-oriented Report will demonstrate that sustainable Ocean management is key to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, including lifting people out of poverty, ensuring economic and environmental resilience, generating jobs and livelihoods, and building the industries of the future.

By integrating the transformational work of multiple expert contributors from a range of relevant fields, including those outside the traditional Ocean community, the Report will trigger positive disruptions in Ocean science, technology and management to shape and inform the global debate on the protection of, production from, and investment in the Ocean. 

In advance of the final Report, World Resources Institute will publish a series of “Blue Papers” exploring specific themes of the Sustainable Ocean Economy. These papers will summarize the latest science, synthesize state-of-the-art thinking about innovative Ocean solutions, and focus particularly on implications for the economic development and social welfare of developing countries.


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Recommendations for Ocean health and wealth

The Report will put forward a set of recommendations for transitioning to a fully regenerative, Sustainable Ocean Economy—recommendations that are bold yet pragmatic, cost-effective, and politically feasible. 

By championing these recommendations for Ocean health and wealth, the High Level Panel will help catalyze and accelerate the global shift to a Sustainable Ocean Economy.