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Towards a Sustainable Ocean Economy Report

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The final Report will highlight that the protection and sustainable use of the ocean will generate higher value creation that will help meet some of humanity’s most urgent needs.

The Ocean Panel commissioned the Towards a Sustainable Ocean Economy Report to provide a fresh narrative on why and how to achieve a truly sustainable ocean economy. This report will integrate the diverse information and ideas that have emerged during the deliberations of the Ocean Panel and build on the latest research, analysis and debates from around the world—including the insights from 16 Blue Papers and The Ocean as a Solution for Climate Change Report, all commissioned by the Ocean Panel. The report will synthesize this information and identify options for the Ocean Panel’s consideration in its action agenda.

Here’s what readers can expect from this report:

  • A clearly articulated call for urgent action to embrace a sustainable ocean economy, supported by a series of concepts, facts and reasons for hope all pointing to the need for a paradigm shift in how the ocean is managed, measured, protected and exploited;
  • An inspiring future vision of a thriving ocean economy – described and quantified – where the human relationship with the ocean is one that allows effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity; and
  • An in-depth analysis of system-level barriers hindering change, followed by practical ways to transition to better and more effective policies and practices to achieve a sustainable ocean economy.

By integrating the transformational work of multiple expert contributors from a range of relevant fields, including those outside the traditional ocean community, the report will trigger positive disruptions in ocean science, technology and management to shape and inform the global debate on the protection of, production from, and investment in the ocean. The report is subject to a rigorous and independent peer review process and the arguments, findings and recommendations represent the views of the authors. Ultimately, this report is an independent input to the Ocean Panel process and does not represent the thinking of the Ocean Panel, Sherpas or Secretariat. The report is co-authored by the Ocean Panel Expert Group Co-chairs together with SYSTEMIQ.


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